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The European Union
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Don't blame me, I voted UKIP

"A European system, a European code of laws, a European judiciary and one nation alone in Europe, Europeans" - Napoleon Bonaparte, c.1808

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In the U.K. we have Common Law that has been developed over a number of centuries. In simple terms this means that you have the freedom to do what you like unless it is specifically prohibited or controlled by law.

The rest of the EU works to various forms of Constitutional Law, which has the philosophy that one is not allowed to do anything unless specifically permitted by legislation.

Which do you prefer?

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Are you aware that in the United States of America, the individual states have greater freedom from Central Government, than Great Britain does from Brussels?

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If you are against the European Union or wish to retain Sterling as our currency, why not have a look at the following sites:

U.K. Independence Party.

And if you stand the pain of reading about how the government and the E.U are wasting our taxes, I suggest you look at:

Taxpayers' Alliance.

U.K.I.P. rosette Taxpayers Alliance

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