Brian & Maureen Edwards
in Beaconsfield


I am one of the bellringers at my local parish church, St Mary and All Saints Beaconsfield, and I thought it would be appropriate to put a few details about our bells and ringing times on my website.

The Parish Church of St Mary and All Saints, Beaconsfield

Location Map
A map showing the location of Beaconsfield church may be viewed by clickiing this link

Service Ringing:
Sundays 09.20 to 09.55 and 17.50 to 18.25
It is very rare for there not to be a Sunday Morning Service, but visiting ringers are advised to check if they are proposing to come for the Sunday Evening Service, as quarter peals are occasionally attempted in place of the normal open evening ringing.
These times are subject to alteration on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Remembrance Sunday.

Practice Night:
Fridays 20.00 to 21.30
Visiting Ringers are always welcome to both Service Ringing and practice night

Learning to Ring:
The Beaconsfield ringers are always happy to welcome anyone who would like to learn to ring. Please either contact our tower correspondent, or simply come along to meet us on any Sunday or practice night

Other Information
In addition to the details given on this page, further information, including photographs of the Peal Boards may be found by following this link: Peal Boards

The Bells:
The Beaconsfield Parish Church has a ring of eight bells, originally cast by Mears & Stainbank in 1884, as follows:

Bell Weight Note Date
Treble 5-2-08 D 1884
2nd 5-3-02 C# 1977
3rd 6-2-07 B 1884
4th 7-2-26 A 1884
5th 9-1-18 G 1884
6th 11-0-24 F# 1977
7th 14-2-18 E 1884
Tenor 19-1-20 D 1884

Notes: The weights of church bells are traditionally measured in hundredweights (cwt), quarters (qtrs) and pounds (lbs).
The bells were rehung in 1977 by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, at which time the 2nd and 6th were re-cast. The existing wooden frame was retained, but new headstocks fitted with roller bearings were installed. A concrete ring beam was cast to replace infested wooden support beams and stabilise the tower. Subsequently, sound control was fitted to reduce the sound level on practice nights.

St Mary & All Saints Church
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Photograph Copyright B.J. Edwards 2001

If you are interested in finding out whether a tower near you has bells and ringers, I would suggest that you consult "DOVE'S GUIDE for Church Bell Ringers". This aims to list all bell towers, world wide, with four or more bells, where the bells are capable of being rung full-circle in the traditional English way. It also gives a contact e-mail address in many cases.

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