My earliest known Dunlop ancestors:
James Dunlop and Eliza ANSON
James gave his place of birth in the 1901 census as "Scotland, Ayr", and work is in progress to locate his parents.

Born: c.1848, Ayr, Scotland
Died: Tuesday 16 January 1923, Hackney
Married: c.1873, N.K.
Eliza Anson
Born Thursday 25 August 1853, Shoreditch
Christened Wednesday 14 September 1853, St. James, Shoreditch
Died Tuesday 12 July 1927, Hackney
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Family of James DUNLOP and Eliza ANSON

James Macey
Born Thursday 23 April 1874, W. Hackney.
Christened Sunday 10 May 1874, St. James, Shoreditch
Died Wednesday 10 November 1920, Shoreditch
Married Monday 3 September 1906, All Saints, Haggerston, Shoreditch
Emily Elizabeth PETTENGELL
Known child:
John Macey
Born 3rd Qu. 1912, Shoreditch
Died Hackney
Buried Friday 31 March 1967, Abney Park Cemetery age 54yrs

Alfred Alexander
Born Thursday 9 December 1875, W. Hackney
Married Wednesday 9 April 1902, St. Dunstan in the West, City of London. (Lic)
Maud Florence KNIFTON
Born 1882
Buried Monday 19 October 1903, Abney Park Cemetery age 21yrs

Thomas Frederick
Born Monday 9 May 1881, W. Hackney
Christened Sunday 29 May 1881, St. Andrew, Hoxton, Shoreditch
Died Tuesday 19 September 1944, N. Hackney
Buried Tuesday 26 September 1944, Abney Park Cemetery age 63yrs
Married Saturday 11 September 1909, St. Peter, De Beauvoir Sq. W. Hackney.
Beatrice May DAYCOCK
Born Saturday 10 May 1884, Holborn
Christened Wednesday 13 June 1894, St. Andrew, Hoxton, Shoreditch

Henry John
Born Tuesday 26 June 1883, W. Hackney
Christened Saturday 4 October 1890, St. Andrew, Hoxton, Shoreditch
Died Hackney
Buried Monday 25 February 1952, Abney Park Cemetery age 68 yrs

Frederick George DUNLOP
Born Thursday 6 August 1885, Shoreditch
Christened Wednesday 4 October 1893, St. Andrew, Hoxton, Shoreditch
Died Saturday 23 June 1934, City of London
Buried Saturday 30 June 1934, Manor Park Cemetery
Married Sunday 3 March 1912, St Andrew, Hoxton, Shoreditch
Frances Letitia JEFFERY
Born Saturday 25 August 1888, Bethnal Green
Christened Monday 10 September 1888, St. James the Great, Bethnal Green
Died Wednesday 28 October 1959, Bethnal Green
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Louise Alice
Born Monday 12 March 1888, Shoreditch
Buried Wednesday 2 July 1952, Abney Park Cemetery age 64 yrs
Married Saturday 18 December 1909, St. Peter, De Beauvoir Sq. W. Hackney
William George Snell PONSFORD
Buried Friday 15 December 1944, Abney Park Cemetery

John William

Born Friday 16 May 1890, Shoreditch
Died early 1941, Essex S. W.
Married Saturday 3 April 1920, St. Leonard, Shoreditch
Louisa Emily HILL
Born c. 1893
Buried Thursday 12 December 1929, Abney Park Cemetery age 36yrs

Daisy Emily

Born Thursday 12 October 1893, W. Hackney
Christened Sunday 29 October 1893
Died Saturday 17 August 1912, Hackney Mx.

Amy Florence
Born Friday 30 October 1896, W. Hackney
Christened Sunday 22 November 1896, St. Andrew, Hoxton, Shoreditch
Married Saturday 3 June 1916, St Peter, De Beauvoir Sq., W Hackney
Ernest Toose WRIGHT
Known child: Leonard

Family of Frederick George DUNLOP and Frances Letitia JEFFERY

Frederick George DUNLOP
Born Tuesday 7 May 1912, St. Lukes. Finsbury
Christened Sunday 12 May 1912, City of London Lying-in-Hospital
Died Friday 25 November 1966, Stoke Newington
Buried Tottenham Cemetery
Married Saturday 29 July 1939, W. Hackney
Alice Elsie MARTIN
Born Monday 13 June 1910, Stoke Newington
Died Sunday 12 December 1982, Westminster
Buried Amersham, Bucks
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Lilian Frances
Born Friday 30 January 1914
Christened Sunday 15 February 1914, St. Andrew, Hoxton, Shoreditch
Died 1979
Married Wednesday 25 December 1935, St. Peter's Church W. Hackney
Francis James TOMLIN
Known children:

Born Thursday 24 February 1916, Shoreditch
Christened Wednesday 22 March 1916, St. Andrew, Hoxton, Shoreditch
Married Thursday 25 November 1937, St. Peter's Church W. Hackney
Walter Daniel CHAFFEY

Born Friday 29 March 1918, Shoreditch
Christened Sunday 21 April 1918, St. Andrew, Hoxton, Shoreditch
Married 1937, Hackney
John FRY
Known children:

Born Saturday 22 November 1919, Shoreditch
Christened Wednesday 17 December 1919, St. Andrew, Hoxton, Shoreditch
Married last qu. 1939, Islington, Mx.
Known children:
Alan F. Born last qu. 1943, Brixworth, Northants
Jean C. Born first qu. 1948, Islington, Mx.

Henry Thomas
Born Sunday 21 August 1921, Shoreditch
Died Tuesday 16 February 1965, Shoreditch
Married Saturday 4 August 1945, St. Luke, Old Street, Finsbury
Rose Victoria COPSEY
Born c.1921
Known children:
Dennis J. Born Tuesday 4 January 1949, Died early 1950, Bethnal Green

John R.
Born 1923, Shoreditch
Died 1923, Shoreditch

Violet Louisa
Born Monday 13 July 1925, Shoreditch
Married 1948, Shoreditch
Derrick FLINT
Known children:

Born Friday 6 May 1927, Shoreditch
Married June Qu. 1958, Shoreditch

Irene Elizabeth
Born Monday 31 March 1930, Shoreditch
Married 1949, Bethnal Green
Known child: Jacqualine

Family of Frederick George DUNLOP and Alice Elsie MARTIN

Maureen Frances

Kathleen May


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