My earliest known Weddell ancestor:

My earliest proven Weddell ancestor is Samuel Robert Weddell, below.
In each census, 1851-1881, he stated that he was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
No record of a baptism has been found there, or in the surrounding area, but there is a Weddell family
for which strong circumstantial evidence exists suggesting that they are his parents.

The family is that of William George WEDDELL and Elizabeth LYON, who married in Newcastle in 1804, and had one known son, George William, born in 1805. Outline details of the family are shown below, with detailed reasoning as to why they are probably the parents of Samuel Robert Weddell being given on a separate page.

William George Weddell and Elizabeth Lyon

William George WEDDELL
Son of Samuel WEDDELL and Mary
Born: Wednesday 7 June 1780
Christened: Sunday 2 July 1780, St George, Bloomsbury, Middx
Married: Monday 27 August 1804, Newcastle, All Saints
Elizabeth LYON
Daughter of Robert LYON and Hannah SIMPSON
Christened Monday 20 February 1786, Mill Hill Independent, Hendon
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Family of William George WEDDELL and Elizabeth LYON

George William
Born: Wednesday 26 June 1805
Christened: Sunday 23 March 1806, Newcastle
Died: Not known

Was Samuel Robert Weddell (below) a member of this family?
Detailed reasons for concluding that Samuel Robert Weddell was probably a son of
William George Weddell and Elizabeth Lyon are given as background information.
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Samuel Robert WEDDELL
Born: circa 1810, Newcastle-upon-Tyne?
Died: Sunday 29 March 1874, Aigburth Vale, Garston
Married: Monday 3 December 1838, St Philip's Church, Liverpool, Lancashire
Eleanor (Ellen) OAKLEY
Born: Foregate St, Chester
Christened: Sunday 23 January 1820, St John the Baptist, Chester, Cheshire
Died Wednesday 12 November 1873, Aigburth Vale, Garston
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Family of Samuel Robert WEDDELL and Ellen Oakley

Christened: Monday 25 November 1839, St Peter's Church, Liverpool, Lancashire
Died: pre-1851 ?

Elizabeth Hannah
Christened: Monday 9 January 1843, St Peter's Church, Liverpool, Lancashire
Married: Friday 25 March 1864, St James, Walton on the Hill, Lancashire
James Henry RESTON
Born circa 1837, Liverpool, Lancashire
Known Children:
James H., Born circa 1865, Liverpool, Lancashire
Alfred, Born circa 1867, Liverpool, Lancashire
Louisa, Born circa 1871, Liverpool, Lancashire
Samuel R., Born circa 1873, Liverpool, Lancashire
Frederick W., Born circa 1876, Liverpool, Lancashire
Elizabeth C., Born circa 1880, Liverpool, Lancashire

Christened: Monday 20 January 1845, St Peter's Church, Liverpool, Lancashire

Born: circa 1847
Married: Monday 26 May 1873, St Michaels Church, Toxteth
Born circa 1841, Liverpool, Lancashire
Known Children:
Harriet A., Born circa 1875, Liverpool, Lancashire
Arthur J., Born cica 1877, Liverpool, Lancashire
Jessie, Born circa 1878, Liverpool, Lancashire
Jennie, Born circa Sept 1880, Liverpool, Lancashire

Born: Aigburth, Liverpool, Lancashire
Christened: Thursday 20 December 1849, St Peter's Church, Liverpool, Lancashire
Married: 1876 (Jun qtr), Ref: West Derby 8b591
Born circa 1848, Broxton, Cheshire
Known Children:
Emily, Born circa 1878, Wycherley, Lancashire
Thomas, Born circa 1880, Aighburth, Lancashire

Born: Thursday 13 November 1851, Aigburth Vale, Garston, Lancashire
Married: Thursday 12 June 1873, St Anne's Church, Aigburth, Lancashire
Frederick WHITE
Born circa 1843, Westbury, Wiltshire
Known Child:
George F., Born circa 1875, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire

Born: circa 1853, Aigburth, Liverpool, Lancashire
Married: 1888 (June qtr), Ref: Liverpool 8b65
Richard WEEKS

Samual Robert
Born: 1855 (Dec qtr), Aigburth (ref: West Derby 8b269)

Born: 1857 (Dec qtr), Aigburth (Ref: West Derby 8b271)
Married: Wednesday 4 March 1885, St Michaels, Toxteth, Lancashire
Francis Mills PARR

Frederick James
Born: 1859 (Sept qtr), Toxteth Park (Ref: West Derby 8b271)
Christened: Friday 26 August 1859, St Anne's Church, Aigburth, Lancashire
Died: 1873

Mary Jane
Born: Tuesday 18 March 1862, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire
Christened: Sunday 6 April 1862, St Anne's Church, Aigburth, Lancashire
Died (Aged 102): Friday 20 November 1964, Bournemouth, Hants
Married (1): Wednesday 11 April 1883, St Mary's Church, Edge Hill, West Derby, Lancs
[Richard and Mary Jane are shown in the 1891 census living at 9 Gladstone Road, West Derby,
see below, but no further information has been found about Richard after that date.]

Married? (2): 1895?, [No record of a marriage has been found in England/Scotland]
Born: c.1862/3, Switzerland (Fribourg?)
Died: Saturday 30 November 1940, St Pancras Hospital
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Census Returns

In the 1851 census, Samuel Robert & Ellen Weddell are living at 15 Victoria Buildings, Garston, with four children
Samuel Weddell Head Marr 39 Saddler Northumberland, Newcastle
Ellen Wife Marr 31 [No occupation given] Cheshire, Chester
Elizabeth Dau - 8 Scholar Lancs, L'pool
Eliza [should be Ellen] Dau - 6 at home Lancs, L'pool
Sarah Dau - 4 - Lancs, L'pool
Harriet Dau - 1 - Lancs, L'pool

In the 1861 census, Samuel Robert & Ellen Weddell are living in 9 Aigburth Road, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, with seven children
Samuel Robert Weddell Head Marr 57 Saddler Newcastle on Tyne
Ellen Wife Marr 41 [No occupation given] Chester
Sarah Dau - 14 - Toxteth Park
Harriet Dau - 12 - Aigburth
Charlotte Dau - 10 - Aigburth
Martha Dau - 8 - Aigburth
Samuel Robert Son - 6 - Aigburth
Louisa Dau - 4 - Toxteth Park
Frederick James Son - 8 - Toxteth Park

In the 1871 census, Samuel Robert & Ellen Weddell are living at 4 Georges Terrace, Aigburth, Garston. Only the three younger children are still at home
Samuel Robert Weddell Head Marr 60 Saddler Newcastle on Tyne
Ellen Wife Marr 54 -do- wife Cheshire, Chester
Samuel Robert Son UnM 15 Saddler Lancashire, Aigburth
Louisa Dau - 13 Scholar Lancashire, Aigburth
Mary Jane Dau - 9 Scholar Lancashire, Aigburth

In the 1891 census, Richard & Mary Jane Edwards are living at 9 Gladstone Road, West Derby, Liverpool
Richard Edwards Head Marr 28 Coachmans Groom Lancashire, Liverpool
Mary J. Wife Marr 26 [No occupation given] Lancashire, Liverpool

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