My earliest known Orridge ancestor:
Note: The spelling of the surname Orridge varies considerably over the centuries, the earlier versions being Wollidge and Worledg. The appropriate spelling is used as at the time.

Born: Not known
Buried Monday 3 April 1730
Married: Friday 8 July 1695, Barrow, Suffolk
Christened: Thursday 1 July 1677, Barrow, Suffolk
Buried: 5 Mar 1729/30
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Family of William WOLLIDGE and Lydia SIMPSON

Christened: Saturday 24 November 1696, Barrow, Suffolk
Buried: Wednesday 17 April 1720, Barrow, Suffolk

Christened: Monday 16 November 1699, Barrow, Suffolk
Died: pre 1729

Christened: Thursday 17 May 1703, Barrow, Suffolk
Married: Wednesday 28 July 1728, Hargrave, Suffolk

Christened: Sunday 23 August 1705, Barrow, Suffolk
Married (1) Sunday 7 May 1730, Ousden, Suffolk
Married (2) Thursday 14 May 1733, Bury St Edmonds
Married (3) Friday 24 April 1739, Ousden
Eleanor PAMAN

Christened: Monday 18 June 1708, Barrow, Suffolk
Buried Sunday 22 September 1793, Risby, Suffolk
Married after 30 Sep 1737, Denham?
Elizabeth PRICK
Buried Monday 12 March 1770, Risby, Suffolk

Note 1: No other information is available concerning Elizabeth Prick
Note 2: No record has been found of the marriage, but a Licence was issued on 30th September 1737 for the marriage of John Orridge of Risby, singleman, aged about 29 years and Elizabeth Prick of the Parish of Flempton, spinster aged about 30 years, to take place at Denham in the County of Suffolk.
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Christened: Saturday 14 March 1711, Barrow, Suffolk

Christened: Sunday 24 January 1717, Barrow, Suffolk
Married Saturday 26 December 1739, Barrow, Suffolk

Christened: Wednesday 2 February 1718

Family of John ORRIDGE and Elizabeth PRICK
Christened: Tuesday 15 July 1738, Risby, Suffolk
Buried: Sunday 8 October 1758, Risby, Suffolk

Christened: Monday 23 May 1740, Risby, Suffolk
Married Sunday 20 November 1768, Risby, Suffolk
John ASHBY of Dalham

Christened: Sunday 16 August 1744, Risby, Suffolk
Buried: Sunday 23 February 1812, Risby, Suffolk
Married: Friday 19 October 1770, Risby, Suffolk
Elizabeth DERISLEY
Christened: 30 Jan 1748/9, Ousden, Suffolk
Buried: Tuesday 7 February 1837
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Christened: Saturday 25 January 1749, Risby, Suffolk
Buried: Monday 22 July 1765, Risby, Suffolk

Family of John ORRIDGE and Elizabeth DERISLEY

Christened: Monday 17 February 1772, Risby, Suffolk

Christened: Sunday 24 January 1773, Risby, Suffolk
Married: Tuesday 16 April 1799, Risby, Suffolk
Robert SMITH

Christened: Saturday 25 March 1775, Risby, Suffolk

Christened: Tuesday 11 March 1777, Risby, Suffolk
Buried: Sunday 24 July 1791, Risby, Suffolk

Christened: Sunday 6 December 1778, Risby, Suffolk
Buried: Friday 5 March 1790, Risby, Suffolk

Christened: Wednesday 6 December 1780, Risby, Suffolk
Buried: Tuesday 26 December 1780, Risby, Suffolk

Christened: Wednesday 6 August 1783, Risby, Suffolk
Died: Monday 8 February 1858, Risby, Suffolk
Buried: Friday 12 February 1858, Risby, Suffolk
Married: Thursday 14 July 1803, Risby, Suffolk
Christened: Sunday 9 March 1783, Risby, Suffolk
Died: Friday 5 June 1863, Risby, Suffolk
Buried: Thursday 11 June 1863, Risby, Suffolk
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Christened: Sunday 14 May 1786, Risby Suffolk
Married: Tuesday 23 April 1816, Risby, Suffolk

Christened: Sunday 28 June 1789, Risby, Suffolk
Died: Friday 19 April 1867, Risby, Suffolk
Married: Thursday 9 November 1820, Hawstead, Suffolk
Mary Ann LEE
Born: c. 1792
Died: Friday 22 May 1846, Risby, Suffolk

Family of William ORRIDGE and Ann CROUCH

Christened: Sunday 11 September 1803, Risby, Suffolk
Married Thursday 22 April 1830, Risby, Suffolk
William CLARK

Christened: Sunday 24 February 1805, Risby, Suffolk

William Francis
Christened: Thursday 19 March 1807, Risby, Suffolk
Buried: Monday 22 May 1876, Risby, Suffolk

Born: circa 1809
Buried: Friday 21 July 1809, Risby, Suffolk

Christened: Sunday 13 October 1811, Risby, Suffolk
Married: Sunday 20 July 1834, Risby, Suffolk
Benjamin TWEED

Christened: Wednesday 13 October 1813, Risby Suffolk

Christened Sunday 4 July 1819, Risby, Suffolk
Died Monday 16 October 1865, Risby, Suffolk
Married Saturday 19 November 1842, Risby, Suffolk
Christened Sunday 5 August 1821, Ousden, Suffolk
Following the death of her husband, Sarah married James HALL
at St James Norland, Kensington, Middx
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Family of Charles ORRIDGE and Sarah TWEED

William Frederick ORRIDGE
Born: Saturday 4 November 1843, Risby, Suffolk
Died: Sunday 10 January 1915, Westgate on Sea, Kent
Married: Sunday 25 March 1866, St Paul's Church, Hammersmith
Born: Saturday 15 March 1845, Chelsea, Middx
Died: Monday 19 May 1919, Westgate on Sea, Kent
Family Details >

Arthur John
Born: circa 1845, Risby, Suffolk
Died: 1924
Married: 1866 (4th Qtr), Kensington
Lavinia WOODS
Died: 1874 (1st Qtr)
Known children:
Henry Charles, Born: 1867 (3rd Qtr)
Francis Arthur, Born: 15 January 1870

Eliza Tweed
Christened: Sunday 17 September 1848, Risby, Suffolk
Buried: Sunday 25 June 1854, Risby, Sufolk

1851 Census details >

Edgar Thomas
Born: 1854 (1st Qtr), Risby, Suffolk
Married: 1875 (2nd Qtr), Kensington
Frances Maria COPEMAN
Known children:
William Arthur, Born: Saturday 13 July 1878
Frances Tweed, Born: Wednesday 22 September 1880, North Kensington, Middx

Charles Henry
Christened: Sunday 14 August 1859, Risby, Suffolk
Died: 1914 (3rd Qtr), Kensington, Middx

Eliza Tweed
Christened: Wednesday 6 March 1861, Risby, Suffolk

1861 Census details >

Family of William Frederick ORRIDGE and Emma Ashby

Born: Saturday 15 June 1867, Kensington, Middx
Died: Friday 14 June 1918, Burgess Hill, Sussex
Married: Wednesday 25 December 1889, St Clement's Church, Notting Hill, Middx
Born: Tuesday 12 March 1867, Cat Street, Wantage, Berks
Died: Sunday 3 November 1940, Paddington, Middx
Family Details >

William Thomas
Born: Thursday 8 December 1870, Hammersmith, Middx

Emily Louisa
Born: c.1874, Hammersmith
Married: 24.12.1893, Holy Trinity Church, Hammersmith, Middx
John Thomas Collett RUSSELL

William Frederick
Born: Tuesday 5 October 1875, Albert Village, Ashby de la Zouch, Derbyshire
Died: Wednesday 2 October 1918, Greece (WW1). Influenza epidemic
Driver T4/070610 209th Horse Transport Coy, Army Service Corps
Grave 203, Kirechkoi-Hortakoi Military Cemetery, Greece
Married: 4 August 1895, St. Clements Church, Notting Hill
Frances Emma MORGAN
Born: 1876, daughter of Edwin MORGAN, stonemason and Mary ne้ TURNHAM
Died: 1918
Family Details >

Born: 1878 (1st qtr), Acton, Middx
Married: 1904

Arthur John
Born: Monday 13 December 1880, Osborne Rd, Acton, Middx

Other ORRIDGE families

Family of William ORRIDGE and Emma MORGAN

Nellie Mary (Nell)
Born: 1896 (Mar qtr, Kensington 1a 83)
Died: 1973
Married: N.K.

Ivy Francis (Ive)
Born: 1897 (Mar qtr, Kensington 1a 110)
Died: 1979
Married: N.K.

Daisy May (Mae)
Born: 1899 (Dec qtr, Kensington 1a 84)
Died: 1984
Married: N.K.
Sidney MEAD

Born: 1901 (from 1901 census)

William A. (Buller)
(Possibly William Albert J. reg. Jan qtr Kensington 1a105)
It is believed that the above two may be the same person!

1901 Census details >

Albert Thomas (Tom)
Born: 1905 (Dec qtr, Kensington 1a 95)
Died: 1926

Florence Margaret (Bet)
Born: c.1906
Died: 1985
Married: N.K.

Dorothy Louise (Doll)
Born: c.1910
Died: 1984
A spinster, lived with May & Sid

Henry George (Harry)
Born: c.1912
Died: 2002
Married: N.K.
Ivy Doris WRIGHT
Allan Peter, Born: 1941, Hatfield, Herts
Married: 1967, Mary Lucy DOULL

Kathleen Ada (Kit)
Born: c.1914
Died: 1978
Married: 1944
Susan, Born: 5 May 1947, Died: 1992
Maureen, Born: 1951
Paul, Born: 1957

Note: Information concerning the descendants of William Frederick Orridge & Frances Emma Morgan was mainly supplied by Peter Orridge, the son of Henry George, and by Paul Hendrie, the son of Kathleen Ada and Arthur.

Census Returns

1851 Census
The 1851 census shows Charles & Sarah Orridge with their first three children living at Church Road, Risby, Suffolk
Census Ref HO107/1791 Folio 344
Charles Orridge Head Marr 32 Blacksmith Risby
Sarah Orridge Wife Marr 30 [blank] Ousden
William Orridge Son   7 Scholar Risby
Arthur Orridge Son   5 Scholar Risby
Eliza Orridge Dau   2   Risby

At Risby Green we have Thomas Orridge & Mary Ann (shown incorrectly as Martha), Charles' uncle and aunt
Census Ref HO107/1791 Folio 349
Thomas Orridge HD Marr 58 Blacksmith Risby
Martha Orridge WI Marr 50   Hawstead
Mary Ann Lee NC Un 24   Mdx. London

1861 Census
The 1861 census shows Charles & Sarah Orridge with their five children living at The Green, Risby, Suffolk
Census Ref RG9/1138 Folio 128
Charles Orridge Head Marr 42 Blacksmith (Master) Suffolk, Risby
Sarah Orridge Wife Marr 39 [blank] Suffolk, Ousden
William F. Orridge Son   17 Errand Boy Suffolk, Risby
Arthur Orridge Son   15 Agr. Labr. Suffolk, Risby
Thomas E. Orridge Son   7 Scholar Suffolk, Risby
Harry C. Orridge Son   1 Scholar Suffolk, Risby
Eliza T. Orridge Dau   2m   Risby

and next door,
Thomas Orridge Head Widr 65 Blacksmith (Master) Suffolk, Risby
Mary Ann Lee Niece Un 35 [blank] Middx, St Mary le Bone

1871 Census
The 1871 census shows William & Emma Orridge with their first two children living at 9 Wharf Terrace, Hammersmith
William Orridge Head Marr 27 Labourer Suffolk
Emma Orridge Wife Marr 26 [blank] Middx, Chelsea
Lydia Orridge Daur   3   Middx, Kensington
Thomas Orridge Son   4m   Hammersmith

also in 1871, living at 6 Nutbourne Terrace, in the same house as his in-laws, the Woods family, is
J. [Arthur John] Orridge Head Marr 26 Coachman Suffolk
L. [Lavinia] Orridge Wife Marr 26 [blank] Middlesex
Harry [Henry Charles] Orridge Son   4   Kensington
Frank [Francis Arthur] Orridge Son   1   Kensington
[Edgar] Thomas Orridge Brother   17 Cellarman Kensington

1881 Census
In the 1881 census, William & Emma Orridge now have six children and are living at 153 Osbourne Road, Acton.
Census Ref: RG11/1355, folio 19, page 31
William Orridge Head Marr 36 Carman Risby, Suffolk
Emma Orridge Wife Marr 35 Laundress Chelsea
Lydia Orridge Daur Un 13 Scholar Kensington
Thomas Orridge Son Un 10 Scholar Hammersmith
Emily Orridge Daur Un 7 Scholar Hammersmith
William Orridge Son Un 5 Scholar Church Grensley, Derbyshire
Albert Orridge Son Un 3   Acton, Middx
Arthur Orridge Son Un 3m   Acton, Middx

1901 Census
By 1901, all the family have left home, and William Frederick (Senr.) and Emma are living at 78 St Annes Road, Kensington
William J. Orridge Husband Marr 57 [??] Risby, Suffolk
Emma Orridge Wife Marr 56 [blank] Chelsea

Also in 1901, William Frederick (Junr.) and Emma are living at 2 Aldermaston St, Kensington.
Census Ref: RG13/26
Note: The maiden name of Frances Emma Orridge (shown as Emma F.) was MORGAN; possibly William Morgan was her brother. But who was Elizabeth Newby?
William Morgan Head Marr 32 Railway -----? London
Emily E. Morgan Wife Marr 30 Laundress Wash Berks Hanney
Alfred Morgan Son 4m? 4m   London
Elizabeth Newby Head Wid 84   Not Known
William F. Orridge Head Marr 26 Carter Carrier Not Known
Emma F. Orridge Wife Marr 25 Laundress Wash London
Nellie M. Orridge Daur S 5   London
Ivy F. Orridge Daur S 4   London
Daisy M. Orridge Daur S 2   London
John Orridge Son S 4m   London

Next door, at No 3 Aldermaston St, is his elder brother, Thomas
Thomas Orridge Head Marr 31 General Labourer London
Margaret Orridge Wife Marr 31 Ironer Wash Middx, Brentford

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