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Men at Work

I recently changed the internet "package" that I have from PlusNet and as a result, my web pages were inadvertantly deleted.

I am in the process of restoring these pages and am taking advantage of the situation to update them in a number of places.

Please bear with me as not all the links will be working until this task is complete.

Our web site is mainly devoted to our family history research, but we have a few other pages covering various matters in which we have an interest.

A few words about us: When we were first married, we lived in Harrow, Middlesex, which is effectively a north-western suburb of London, and it was here that our two daughters were born. At that time I had to travel up to London each day by rail, so we were both pleased when I was relocated to West Drayton, which allowed us the opportunity of moving to a more rural environment.

As a result, for the past 20 years or so, we have lived at Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire, a small town of some 12000 people located about 22 miles to the WNW of London, with (as the Estate Agents say) convenient access to the M40 and M25. We are both now retired, at least in so far as paid employment is concerned, although at times we are so busy that we wonder how we ever had time to go to work! Apart from family history research, our other main interest is travelling, and we have a long list of places around the world that we hope to visit one day, time and money permitting.

I am a bellringer at the local church, ringing regularly for the Sunday Services and at practice on Friday evenings. Whenever possible, I like to also help out at the ringing practices at some of the other local churches, followed, of course, by the traditional pint in the "local".

Beaconsfield location map St Mary & All Saints church
Beaconsfield location map St Mary & All Saints Church, Beaconsfield

Unfortunately, the large amount of house building in the south-east of England, together with the lack of any improvements to the local infrastructure means that Beaconsfield is no longer the pleasant, slightly sleepy, town of 20 years ago, but a rapidly expanding traffic jammed building site with more than its fair share of supermarkets.

The Green Belt is under constant pressure and John Prescote ignored all local objections to allow an off-motorway service area to be built along the A355 adjacent to junction 2 on the M40, resulting in the destruction of Ancient Woodland and even more traffic congestion.

When we first retired, we had thought of moving further away from London, but with the rapidly expanding London commuter zone, there now seems little point in moving, particularly as the Chancellor has now ensured that the financial benefits of any such move are negative.

We have both been carrying out genealogical research for over thirty years, and the main aim of this site is to provide details of the families in which we have an interest. It will obviously take some time to compile all the various pages and links, but I intend first to provide a list of all the main surnames and dates where we have an interest. We would welcome an e-mail from any reader who thinks that they might have a family connection, however distant.

Brian & Maureen Edwards

July 2010

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